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Introducing the exquisite AMAYA Settee with Mirror, designed to add elegance and sophistication to any space. Hand carved from solid rosewood, this settee boasts a stunning mirror backrest and intricate detailing, making it a true statement piece for your home. Whether you prefer a dark or light wood polish, the choice is yours. Additionally, customize the cushioning with your choice of luxurious fabric to suit your unique style.


This settee can also be bespoke to your specific requirements, ensuring that it is tailored to fit seamlessly into your home. Elevate your living room or bedroom with the timeless beauty of the AMAYA Settee with Mirror.

AMAYA Settee with mirror

Polish Colour
Lead time 10-12 weeks after order
  • Settee Size

    Length 120cm

    Width 60cm

    Mirror Size

    Length 180cm

    Width 90cm

  • 2 man delivery

    Back order lead time 10-12 weeks

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