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The ASHA Dining Set is a stunning addition to any dining room, handcrafted from solid rosewood for a timeless and elegant look. The round table features a heavy center base for added stability and is topped with 12mm glass for durability and style.


The beautifully carved full cushion chairs come in a range of fabric or leather upholstery options to suit your personal style and dining room decor. Choose from a 6 or 8 seater set to accommodate your family and guests, and customize the set with your choice of wood polish for a personalized finish. This dining set combines quality craftsmanship and classic design, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate fine dining furniture.

ASHA Dining Set

Select Colour
Lead time 10-12 weeks
  • Size overall: 120cm in diameter ( 6 Seater) 

                              160cm in diameter ( 8 Seater)


  • Our team can supply and fit this  dining table in your room at no extra cost. Customer is responsible for taking right size as if it does not fit in your room or unable to pass through your entrance we will not be responsible and will not be able to refund or change size.

    Lead time of delivery 10-12 weeks

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