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Introducing our handcrafted SAHARA Chair Set, handmade from the finest solid rosewood and designed for both elegance and durability. With the choice of wood polish, you can customize the finish to match your home decor.


The SAHARA Chair Set also offers a variety of upholstery selections for cushioning, so you can personalize the chairs to fit your unique style and comfort preferences. This elegant and timeless chair set is perfect for adding sophistication to your dining room or seating area. Whether you prefer a classic dark wood stain with a neutral fabric or a more modern, light wood with a bold, patterned upholstery, the SAHARA Chair Set allows you to create the perfect look for your space.

SAHARA Chair Set

Polish Colour
Lead time 10-12 weeks
  • Chair size:

    Total Height 150cm

    Width & Depth 65cm

    Seating Height 50cm  


  • Backorder lead time 10-12 weeks

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